havent had white chocolate chip pancakes since before ED! here to beating ED & recovery 😊😛

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I’m a full year into recovery! About a year ago only 2 people knew about my eating disorder: my dad and my best friend Alexandra. Now my mother, brother, roommate, Bekah & boyfriend know about it! Slowly but surely I want this to be apart of me. 

I’m so scared of being defined by my eating disorder. but it’s such a big part of my life. I have a private Instagram account & this blog & that is my personal struggle. 
my sorority ironically raises a ton of money for NEDA & every year we do a big fashion show to promote positive body image. before I joined the sorority, a girl spoke about her eating disorder and her recovery. 

She was so beautiful. she was obviously stunning from the outside, but that’s not what struck me. she was so open, honest, brave, confident, and happy. her struggle became her biggest strength. maybe one day I’ll have the courage to come out and share my struggle. 

but I’m so freaking scared. what if no one believes me? what if I’m not skinny enough? will people look at me differently? will that be what I’m defined as? will people think I’m disgusting?